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Every week "Aspects of Writing", hosted by James Kelly, will bring you an informative look at every aspect of the writing industry. Guests on the show will share what inspired them to write. Together, we will explore the creative side of writing and formatting various projects. We will discuss where to go for guidance regarding editing, printing and distribution. If you are a screenwriter, we will examine what it takes to get your work into script format and expose it to agents and producers.

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Amanda Skenandore

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James Kelly created and began hosting "Aspects of Writing" back in February, 2012. Janet Coursey joined the show as his co-host one year later.

Jan came to the show as a guest turned experiment. Having just finished writing her first book, it was decided to take on her project and find an editor, help publish, and then market, The Secrets of Time. For six weeks, ten minutes of each show was dedicated to "Jan's Corner" as she was mentored on the air. After the book was released, Jan decided to stay.

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Recently we opened our own studio in Henderson, Nevada at 871 Coronado Center Drive, Suite #200. Although we are not as technical nor elaborate as the bigger studio's, we found a way for the show to go on. Currently, our show broadcasts on

Show airs every Friday at 6PM (PST), 7PM(MST), 8PM (CST), 9PM (EST), 3PM (HST), and 5PM (AKST).

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Stephen Murray

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July 21st, 2017

How to conduct yourself during a radio interview.

​Guest - Judy McFadden


"If you can dream it, you can write it. After all, a dream is just a dream until you bring it to light."

                                                                                                ~ Author James Kelly

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