Aspects of Writing


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"If you can dream it, you can write it. After all, a dream is just a dream until you bring it to light."

                                                                                                ~ Author James Kelly

  • Writer's Groups - Good or Bad with Gregory A. Kompes55:59
  • The Writer Within with Andi Scully, P.S. Winn, Stephen Murray57:52
  • Funding Your Project with Amanda Skenandore53:11
  • How Life Influences Our Writing with Judy Shine Logan57:13
  • Audio Books57:06
  • How to Conduct Yourself During a Radio Interview w/guest Judy McFadden1:00:00
  • Techniques for Writing, Developing, and Selling a Script, Part 158:00
  • Techniques for Writing, Developing, and Selling a Script Part 2 with Kelly Schwarze59:59
  • How do Trade, Vanity, and Self-Publishing Differ with Gregory A. Kompes and Mitchell Fronchen56:55
  • Writing A Biography or Memoir with guests Debbie Wright and Morgan St. James51:39
  • Writing an Autobiography or Memoir with guests Michael Gordon Bennett and Ottavio Gesmundo51:51
  • The Pro's and Con's of Collaboration with Rick Taubold, Chris Keation, and Lance Taubold53:45
  • The Pro's and Con's of Collaboration - Part 2 with guests Lance Taubold, Chris Keaton, and Rick Taubold 52:30
  • The Power of Writing with guests Dr. Karmen Smith and Judy Shine Logan57:52
  • The Many Aspects of Publishing with Brian Rouff and Morgan St. James56:41
  • The Many Aspects of Marketing with Jon D'Amore and Morgan St. James55:12
  • Writing For Comedy with guests Marty Allen, Karon Kate Blackwell, Brenna Daly and Ryan Popowcer55:02
  • Knowing Your Strengths in Writing with guests Gerard de Marigny and Gregory A. Kompes54:36
  • Writing Horror with guests Jeff DePew and Lance Taubold57:31
  • The Advantage of an Event with guest Maureen St. Germain54:24
  • Finding Your Motovation with guest Brandon Steiner55:16
  • The Many Ways to Reach Your Audience with guest John David Mann56:13
  • The Advantage of an Event with guest Riana Milne50:53
  • The Reality of Self-Publishing with guests Vicki-Ann Bush and Sandra Sierra54:45
  • Writing for a Worldwide Audience with guest Pat Ritter57:04
  • Writing Without Obstacles with guest Jami Deise52:26
  • The Importance of Editing with guest Paulette K. Kinnes53:36
  • An Impromptu Discussion about Script and Novel Writing with Jay Joseph and Kim Baron54:57
  • Writing with a Sibling with guest Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner56:04
  • Children's Books as a Learning Tool with guests Laura Wolfe and Julie Kaderabek52:57
  • The Importance of a PR Representative with guests Jackie Lapin and Joel Pitney50:46
  • Marketing Ideas for the Local Author with guests Becky Robinson, Linda Stiles-Fox, and Vicki-Ann Bush56:34
  • Writing with a Purpose with guest Ginny Nadler51:45
  • Writing with the Human Condition in Mind with guest S. W. Hammond58:57
  • Writing without Letting Obstacles Get in the Way with guests Renee Mollen-Masters and Traci McDonald55:26
  • ?The Difference between a Play and a Dinner Show? with guest Jay Joseph and John Rakestraw54:30