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Every week "Aspects of Writing" hosted by James Kelly, brings you an informative look at every aspect of the writing industry. Guests on the show share what inspired them to create, write and continue on this journey into the publishing world. Together we explore the creativity, formatting and marketing of various projects. My panelist and I discuss where to obtain the tools needed to guide the writer in editing, printing and distribution. Our panel discusses comedy and article writing, as well as the art of formatting a screenplay, and utilizing the best approach to present to an agent and producers. More importantly, we enlighten, encourage and inspire writers of all ages and backgrounds to recognize their full potential, and pursue their dream of becoming an accomplished writer.  

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This is a montage of projects from our Past Guests.

​They came to our world seeking new resources. Earth was lush with both plant life and mineral deposits, and alive with a vast array of creatures, not unlike their past world where they had evolved over two million years ago. It took them over twenty thousand years to reach our solar system, and another twenty thousand to return home and report their findings. To their dismay, all that remained of their world was decaying cities and wandering souls. It would take them another twenty thousand years to return to Earth with the intent of creating a new oasis.

During that time in space, they lost the ability to breed. Now they had a new mission, not only to settle Earth, but also to create a new life form to house their souls. By the time they had reached our world, only one man’s seeds remained to create a new lifeform on Earth. From the fruit of his loins, new-man was created. In time, it was hoped that one of the species they had artificially inseminated would evolve to look like them.

Theirs was a waiting game. To enter the Earth’s atmosphere for a prolonged period would cause them to age and die before the transformation from primate to new-man was complete. They needed new-man to populate the Earth with shells for their souls. Time was running out. Could they intervene and create a new life form from Earth’s primates in time to save their souls? More importantly, are we at that stage in our history now. Perhaps they already walk among us. The answers lie with Daniels story of abduction, as leaked to the press.

This story is told through a series of six hypnotic sessions. Under hypnosis, Daniel reveals who the aliens are and why they are here. Now that the story of Daniel’s abduction has been leaked to the press, there is no debate that we are a product of alien intervention. The question is - what is their next move?

Terrestrial Stations


Thank you to our prior guest: 

Jade Dee and Wilnona Marie

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Six Hour Writer's Seminar - $149.95

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

10 a.m. - 4 p. m. 

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Janruary 31st

Topics include:

Purpose and Passion

Social Media

Writing Styles and Layout

Editing - The various types

Self-publishing or not?

Interviews - how to book and conduct yourself

Authors Website

Promoting Yourself

Funding Your Project

This will be conducted as a Panel Discussion.

We will provide a notebook and pen for notes and exercises. Meal and sodas/water will be provided during a 30 minute break.


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Conducted by - Jaya Demmons, Cynthia L. D Boer, Jame Kelly, and 

Stephen Murray and Eric James Miller

“I am thrilled to see you back on the air! You are truly a local author champion. I had the best time when I was a guest and had some great response. I'm hoping you'll be on the air for a very long time.” - Vicki-Ann Bush

“Thank you so much for having me on your Aspects of Writing radio show today. I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot, too!”  - Andi Scully

“Thank you! It was such an honor to be a guest on your show.” - Debbie Wright

“Thank you for having me on your show. It was such a fun experience!” - Amanda Skenandore

 “Great fun. Thanks for inviting me to play.” - Gregory A. Kompes 

“Had a blast doing this wonderful radio program, Aspects of Writing, hosted by James Kelly.” - Michael Gordon Bennett

“So much fun! Thanks for having us in the show James.” - Ottavio Gesmundo

"Great Knowledge to be gained - tune in." - Joaquin Sahagun

"James, it was just awesome to have time with you and your co-host Janet Coursey! I had a blast​!" - Maureen St. Germain

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to come on the show. You have been such a blessing in my life and to the listeners as well. Love and Light." 

- Dr. Karmen Smith

​Thank you , James! I had a delightful time on your show! — John David Mann

James ,thank you for having my daughter Emma Faith and myself on your show. We had a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed your questions and format. - Paul Joseph Fronczak


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The Purple Caterpillar is a beautifully illustrated children's book that teaches tot's to adults about prejudices, bullying, indifference, and acceptance of others. When Doggie, the purple caterpillar is picked on because of his color, by the red, green, yellow and orange caterpillars, he goes off on his own crying. Mary Kay, a pink caterpillar feels sorry for him and decides to join Doggie. Together, they make a decision to cross a wide sidewalk in order to get something to eat. As they begin to cross, a young girl named Susie, from the schoolyard nearby, sees the tiny caterpillars and decides to gather them to take back to the classroom for her science project. Just as she goes to pick them up, Billy, the bully, tries to step on them. Susie pushes Billy away and suggests they team up together with the intent of getting an "A"

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December 15th, 2018 - 1 pm (PST), 4 pm (EST)
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Topic: Charities and Books

Guests: Walt Smith and Lori Piotrowski

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A person who invents, produces, or makes things is called a creator. If you are an author, you are the creator of the characters in your books.
The noun creator is from the Latin word creare, which means "to make or bring forth." When it is spelled with an upper-case c, Creator refers to God, and when spelled with a lowercase c, it is anyone who invents or makes something.

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In May of 2017, James opened his own studio at 9708 Gilespie Street, Suite #109, Las Vegas, Nevada. Although it is not as technical nor elaborate as the bigger studio's, he found that with today's technology,  bigger isn't always better. Currently, the show broadcasts on and BlogTalkRadio to a substantially  larger audience.

Show airs live every Saturday at

1 PM (PST), 2 PM (MST), 3 PM (CST), 4 PM (EST), 11 AM (HST), and 12 PM (AKST). Sunday's on Blogtalkradio at 9 pm (PST).

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Aspects of Writing


"If you can dream it, you can write it. After all, a dream is just a dream until you bring it to fruition."   ~   Author James Kelly

James Kelly created and began hosting "Aspects of Writing" back in February, 2012, on local station KLAV 1230 am. When the station changed formats, the show moved to, and is currently syndicated to various outlets from there.

James is the author of two published books, with several more slated to be released within the next year. 

Most recently he created an alternating list of panelist, who along with his guests, share their expertise and experiences each show. See list at the bottom of this page.