​​Radio Hosts- Rent our equipment and space for a fraction of the cost, and we will host your show for free.

PreRecord a one hour show, starting at $50 per recording.

Ghostwriting Services- Cost will depend on length and outline of project.

Author Website-  For as little as $250, including web hosting and domain name for one year.

Business Website - Starting at $600, including web hosting and domain name for one year.

Editor - Need an editor. We can find one for you at no cost from us.


Please leave a detailed message, including your name, phone number, the best time to return your call, and the service(s) you require.


          RADIO SHOW

"If you can dream it, you can write it. After all, a dream is just a dream until you bring it to fruition."   ~   Author James Kelly

Mammoth Star Publishing - A Publishing Mentor Service

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Pricing is based on the type of project. Whether you need help with writing, ghost-writing, formatting, editing advice/service, self-publishing guidance, cover design, marketing, or distribution, give us a call for a free quote. See website for details.

Need help with funding? Perhaps creating a crowdfunding web page may be the answer. Again, see website for details.